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About us

MariSource is a brand of Legend Brands, Inc., 15180 Josh Wilson Rd. Burlington, WA 98233, 800-932-3030. 

MariSource Vertical Incubation Systems are engineered to increase the survival rate of salmon and trout eggs, provide superior use of floor space, and provide excellent water utilization.

The vertical incubation systems can be stacked in four, eight, twelve, or sixteen – trays, which will allow you to conserve valuable floor space. Water supply needs are minimized because the system requires as little as 3-6 gallons (11-23 liters) per minute/per water tray. Maintaining and working the incubation system is efficient and simple resulting in reduced labor costs.

The end result of the features is an increase in survival rates and the most efficient system available for incubating eggs. If isolation needs are required, we offer a variety of isolation products such as panels, tray segregators, and isolation baskets. MariSource offers hatchery supplies as well. We have spawning knives, egg counters, egg pickers, and measuring boards just to name a few. Repair and replacement parts are also offered, such as screening material, glue, and water stoppers.